Association of legal entities `Union of Medical Colleges of Kazakhstan`

It has been operating since 2011 and unites medical colleges in all regions of Kazakhstan, regardless of ownership forms, on the principles of voluntariness.


coordination of activities, protection of rights, representation of common interests of medical colleges – members of the Union, in state and other bodies, international organizations, as well as assistance in raising the prestige of secondary medical and pharmaceutical workers in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Union implements its mission in several directions:

1. Provides consulting services to members of the Union on educational, methodological, research, legal and organizational issues of medical colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Carries out educational and methodological activities for the development of proposals and recommendations for the revision and implementation of state standards after secondary, technical and vocational education. For this purpose, the Union has created 7 educational and methodological associations in all specialties of training.

3. Implements projects on the development of the industry, including projects on the reform of education and practice in the field of nursing, prepares analytical information on the forecasts of the development of the industry of secondary medical workers of all specialties.

4. Publishes the journal “Information Bulletin on Nursing”, publishing analytical materials, review articles and research results in the field of nursing.

5. Publishes educational and methodological materials on the needs of the members of the Union.

6. Organizes full-time and distance learning according to the needs of the members of the Union.

7. Creates an opportunity to exchange information and increase the coverage, recognition and recognition of the members of the Union by holding conferences, round tables, seminars, republican motivational competitions, awards and incentives for members of the Union.