The peer-reviewed scientific periodical journal “Information Bulletin on Nursing” (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) accepts the authors’ manuscripts for publication if the authors comply with the following mandatory criteria:

  1. The subject of the article corresponds to the subject of the journal – issues of nursing, including practice, science, education, leadership and management.
  2. The authors of the article are persons who have made a significant contribution to the planning, implementation, analysis of scientific work, participated in the writing and approval of the article for publication, taking responsibility for all aspects of scientific work, including the accuracy and integrity of any part of the work. People who do not meet these criteria of authorship are indicated in the “Acknowledgements” section.
  3. The authors guarantee that no part of the article has been borrowed and appropriated from research results that do not belong to the authors of the article submitted for publication.
  4. The authors assume responsibility for the fact that the article submitted for publication in the Journal has not previously been published in other publications or has been sent by them to other publications.
  5. The authors undertake to report any existing conflicts of interest if the professional judgments of the authors may be influenced by a secondary interest (financial benefits from an agreement with sponsors, including fees, paid expert assessments and consultations, etc., or non-financial conflicts due to competition in the academic environment and intellectual beliefs).
  6. The authors agree that, free of charge, they transfer to the founder of the Journal the right to publish an article in an issue of the Journal and place full-text versions of issues on the Internet, produce and distribute reprints of articles, translate articles, send articles to various indexing databases and repositories.
  7. The authors have designed articles in accordance with the requirements for articles sent to the Journal (itemII Rules for authors).
  8. The authors agree with the Procedure for submitting the manuscript, reviewing and publishing the article (itemIII Rules for authors).
  9. The author’s copies are provided to the authors in the form of an electronic version of the publication.